Lucky 13 Ostrich Burger

Lucky 13 Ostrich Burger
Lucky 13 Ostrich Burger

Ostrich burger you ask?  That’s right, Ostrich.  And it was darn good.  It could have been the pepper cheese combination added to the Ostrich or the garlic fries on the side or the wonderfully toasted bun but I’ll sum it all up by saying the Ostrich burger was fantastic.  One of my favorite things about Lucky 13 is their Facebook page updates highlighting the new burgers, new specials and daily deals that are going on.  If I lived closer to 1300 South in the Salt Lake City area, I’d be a big, big boy from all the Lucky 13 meals that’s for sure.  Now for today’s Ostrich burger review.

Ostrich meat is a red meat and most easily compared to a lean beef.  It is low in fat and cholesterol and high in protein, iron and calcium.  That makes it a healthy burger option on the nutritional scale but I’ve had a lot of healthy things in my life and rarely do they compare to the real thing.  So what does Lucky 13 decide to do to make their Ostrich burger delicious?  An amazing 3 pepper cheese Ostrich burger medley of course.  It was fantastic.  The bun was delicious and the peppers and cheese helped bring the nicely cooked Ostrich meat to a level of glory that most places can only dream about.  The patty wasn’t gamey or lacking flavor (how could it with cheese and peppers all over it) but you could still taste that the meat was “healthy”. The garlic fries were a great side and the whole meal was devoured in no time.

The meal was about $12 and now I can say I’ve had an Ostrich burger and I liked it.  You’ll be happy with whatever fry option you go with at Lucky 13 but if you are up for some garlic fry goodness then bring some gum for afterwards and enjoy your next lunch at Lucky 13.

Lucky 13
135 West 1300 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84115

(801) 487-4418