Cool Cat Cafe Maui Burger

cool cat cafe duke burger

If you like good burgers then Cool Cat Cafe on Maui is a must. Voted the Best Burger on Maui for 10+ years, the menu includes burgers like the Big Bopper, Bogy Burger, Bonanza, La Bamba Burger, Sh-Boom and The Duke. And the great names are just the beginning. All I’d heard is that Cool Cat Cafe burgers are incredible so I went with The Duke and here’s my review.

Covered in two big strips of bacon, onion rings, melted cheese and Cool Cat Cafe’s bbq sauce, this beast came out prepared medium and looking the like the perfect lunch. From the bun to the plate to the fries, it looked like it could handle its own against any burger. First bite, DELICIOUS! Juicy, flavorful (that sauce was just right) and able to hold itself together, the Cool Cat Cafe certainly delivered. A lot of times you’ll get a burger with bbq sauce and that’s all you can remember….the sauce. Not in this case. The meat, cheese and onion rings all worked well and all offered their own piece of the burger which was nice.

The fries were good, not great. I ate every single one of them and loved every bite but they weren’t especially amazing. The onion rings on the other hand were incredibly perfect. I devoured them and was a very happy camper.

Located on the second floor of a shopping district on Front Street, Cool Cat Cafe just kind of appears. Views of trees, sounds of waves and birds, nice staff and tons of other visitors eating delicious burgers gives Cool Cat Cafe a feeling that isn’t Hawaiian but more of a burger place in Hawaii (if that makes sense).

I easily and proudly recommend Cool Cat Cafe on Maui if you’re in the area and craving a really good burger. They also have chicken sandwiches with their own set of clever names and plenty of other diner food options. They are open 7 days a week 10:30am to 10:30pm.

Where is Cool Cat Cafe on Maui?

The Wharf Cinema Center
658 Front Street (look up on the second floor)
Lahaina Hawaii 96761