Bob’s Big Bear Burger Review

bobs big bear burger

Black Bear Diner has a real gem in the Bob’s Big Bear Burger

I love breakfast and I’m a big fan of Black Bear Diner. If you see one, you should experience it. The pancakes are incredible! Now let’s pretend you are in the mood for a burger, should you still head over to Black Bear Diner? The answer is YES!

Today I had a very good burger. It’s called Bob’s Big Bear Burger and it’s listed on their newspaper menu as “Our biggest burger!”. It’s named after one of the co-founders of Black Bear Diner, Bob ‘Papa Bear’ Manley and it’s a big burger. Let’s stop for a minute to appreciate Bob’s name, Bob Manley. Of course he’s got a giant burger.

Bob’s Big Bear Burger is a 10 oz. all-beef patty with some light seasoning covered with grilled onions, tomato, dill pickle chips, lettuce, mayo and my favorite dressing of all, Thousand Island. It comes with fries that aren’t anything special but the burger was a very pleasant surprise.

The meat is very nice with the seasoning and thousand island dressing making magic happen together. The bun was fresh and thin so the whole burger really nailed the freshness in every bite category that makes me really happy. The dill pickle chips were nice and crispy and it took 3-4 tomato slices to cover the burger. The onions were even good.

Like I said, the fries were fine. Typical diner style fries that aren’t bad so you eat them all but afterwards wondered why. This burger is huge though so whatever side you get, you’ll probably struggle to finish them.

Overall, Bob’s Big Bear Burger was huge, it was delicious and if you are really hungry and not in the mood for breakfast than I’m happy to recommend you get yourself a giant burger from Black Bear Diner.