Lucky 13 Celestial Burger

Lucky 13 Celestial Burger
Lucky 13 Celestial Burger

Do yourself a favor and head over to Lucky 13 in Salt Lake City and grab a Celestial burger. Your day, week and month will all be better because of it. The combination of delicious sauce, world-changing bacon and perfectly gooey bread mixed with smokey fry sauce and a giant mug of Diet Coke (or whatever you want to drink) had me floating as I left. Yes, it’s that good.

Lucky 13 Tips

Some quick Lucky 13 tips include driving a tiny car so you can use one of the 10 parking spots right next to the bar. Also plan on taking a long lunch because you’re not the only one ordering a Celestial burger. There’s parking on the side street or wear good walking shoes because you’ll just need to plan on making a few trips around the area to find adequate parking. Last tip, customize your Celestial burger by adding some jalapeno and anything else you want. Lucky 13 will always make it just the way you want it.

Now go enjoy a Celestial burger. You deserve it.

Lucky 13
135 W 1300 S
Salt Lake City, UT 84115