Porters Place Buffalo Burger in Utah

Porters Place Buffalo Burger in Lehi Utah
Porters Place Buffalo Burger in Lehi Utah

Porter’s Place is located in Lehi Utah on historic Main Street.  By historic Main Street I mean, Porter’s Place has been there forever and ever and ever.  In fact, I’d venture to say that you’ll see more out-of-state license plates around Porter’s Place than anywhere else in Lehi.  Porter’s Place has a Buffalo Burger lunch special which costs about $7.00 with a buffalo burger, drink and fries.  So of course, my first trip to Porter’s Place for a burger was for the buffalo burger meal.

When you walk in to Porter’s Place you instantly feel like you should be wearing cowboy boots and be chewing tobacco, it’s that authentic.  You also instantly know that this place has some stories.  The tables are sticky, old and worn, the decor is western and dirty, all of which makes it a phenomenal place for a great burger….hopefully.

With the Buffalo Burger I ordered regular fries (there’s a variety of potato sides you can get) and a large Mr. Pibb.  The large glass mug my drink was served in was a terrific surprise and when the burger came I got a little excited.  Although a smaller patty than I was expecting, the bun that they serve the buffalo burger in was amazing.  All the toppings were surprisingly fresh but again, the bun was amazing.  It helped me forget about the size of the meat patty and overall, helped make the burger pretty darn good.  The french fries are your traditional homestyle fries and they don’t offer fry sauce.  Each table gets a ketchup bottle and the real plates you eat from help make the entire Porter’s experience worth the trip.

Overall the quality of the meal was good but the experience was great.  I won’t be going there every day but it’s a fun experience to eat a buffalo burger at Porter’s Place and I highly recommend it…at least once.