Seven Brothers Burger Review

Seven Brothers is a Hawaii favorite and a delicious place to enjoy a uniquely created and tasty burger. With a good variety of toppings and burger medlies, Seven Brothers will typically have a handful of happy guests any time of day. It’s a touch expensive so as Seven Brothers is recommended by almost everybody, it’s usually followed with “but I wish it were less expensive”. With that in mind, here is our review.

To give it a fair shake with the basic before adding their fancy burgers, today we went with the Seven Brothers cheeseburger with Paniolo fries. What are Paniolo fries you ask? They are sent directly from the heavens to bless delicious french fries with a gift from the islands. Specifically, grilled pineapple, caramelized onions, bacon, melted cheese, bbq sauce drizzled over the whole assortment, home sauce spread over and 2 homemade onion rings so you don’t feel like you missed out on anything by ordering fries. In a nutshell, get them!

The Seven Brothers cheeseburger is perfectly cooked with a medium-well taste and feel, the bun is soft and chewy, the cheese is equally perfect for the overall meal with the traditional toppings of a standard cheeseburger. Even with no extra flair, the Seven Brothers cheeseburger is delicious. It’s also $6.50, just for the burger. The Paniolo fries are $9. So yes, it’s expensive.

You’ll be very happy you went to Seven Brothers.

Seven Brothers Burgers
Available in Laie, Hawaii, Saratoga Springs, Utah and Provo, Utah.