BLD Burger

BLD Burger
BLD Burger

Well folks, I just had one of the best burgers of my burger eating life. It was amazing! I was in the Phoenix, Arizona area and hungry for some lunch when a co-worker recommended BLD (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner). Within a few minutes I was at BLD in Chandler and immediately spotted a potentially amazing burger opportunity known as the BLD Burger. Before I continue let me explain something that I’ve learned over the last few years of sharing about my burger adventures, when a restaurant looks cool, feels cool and has a burger with their name in the title, order it!

The BLD Burger came as close to blowing my mind as any burger I’ve had. It was huge! The bun was lightly toasted and somehow found a way to survive the entire meal which included two fried eggs, onion straws, pepperjack cheese, two all-beef patties and the most amazingly tasting green chili pork. 

With each bite I was fighting to fit as much of that pork in with the bite because it added some delicious moisture to each bite and a unique flavor to the overall experience. The pepperjack cheese gave it a light kick and the onion straws kept the overall texture together with the fried eggs. Each bite was a beautiful combination of flavor, moisture and overall burger joyfulness. In other words, it was amazing!

What also helped take the BLD experience to the highest points of burger bliss was the fact that their french fries and sweet potato fries (I snuck a few) were absolutely perfect! Crisp, fresh, perfect! I feel like I’ve used more than my fair share of explanation points to describe this heavenly burger experience but know that I don’t feel bad about it, the BLD burger was THAT good. Priced at $14.95 it was a hearty, amazing, juicy, delicious burger and worth every bite. Do yourself a favor and experience BLD as soon as you are ready to handle burger bliss.

1920 W Germann Rd
Chandler, AZ 85286