Fuddruckers Elk Burger Review

Fuddruckers Elk Burger
Fuddruckers Elk Burger Review – Orem, Utah

As many burger loves know, Fuddruckers is pretty darn good.  It’s one of my favorite burger restaurants and the fries are delicious.  The meat quality is always good and the fact that the toppings are all self-serve, how can you go wrong.  This trip was to the Fuddruckers in Orem, Utah on University Avenue.  Their burger of the day was a grass fed Elk Burger and I just had to try it.

I’ve had elk roast, elk steak and elk burgers before and although gamey (as all wide animal meat is) it’s always good.  The Fuddruckers Elk Burger was phenomenol.  The meat quality was fantastic and cooked to medium well, this juicy burger really hit the spot.  Topped with cheese, lettuce, relish, mustard, fry sauce, pickles and tomatoes, I’ll say this was the BurgerVoice.com Burger of the Month! The bun was wonderfully chewy, toasted and sized for the burger and the little hint of elk taste in the patty made for a very enjoyable meal.

Fuddruckers fries are the thick, wedge style french fries with a nice seasoning.  You can get them as a family order (tons) or in a meal (a lot but not tons).  The fries today were crispy and nicely seasoned.  The fry sauce is perfect for the french fries and Fuddruckers french fries remain on my personal top 5 french fry and fry sauce combos anywhere.  I went with a group of 8 and our order to getting food time was about 10 minutes.

Overall Rating for Fuddruckers:

SERVICE: A (fast, friendly and fresh food)
QUALITY: A (quality meat, freshly made and medium well cooking…awesome!)
OVERALL: A (this is the BurgerVoice.com Burger of the Month for March)