ParkStone Burger in Farmington

ParkStone Burger in Farmington
ParkStone Burger in Farmington

It’s always a fun time when traveling to a new area for a burger.  Today’s burger was the ParkStone Burger at Farmington, Utah’s ParkStone Wood Kitchen.  It smelled so smokey good upon entering ParkStone that I was excited just to breath the sweet hickory wood fumes all afternoon.  The good news is they stayed on my clothes so I was able to get reminders.  ParkStone Wood Kitchen is a big restaurant with plenty of seating and plenty of televisions playing all over and I was ready for a great experience.  Time for the review.

On any first visit I like to go with the signature house burger.  The ParkStone burger started screaming to me as soon as I opened the menu.  

Double thick cheddar cheese on top of a delicious beef patty cooked medium with smoked bacon, lettuce, onion rings (that were heavenly) and a hint of BBQ sauce.  I added a fried egg to bring it all together and waited for the party to start.  For an appetizer, we went with a dish of cornbread which should be on every order at ParkStone because I’ll go back just for the cornbread.  Wow!

The burger was beautifully cooked and a nice light pink in the middle.  The bacon was smoked to perfection and the texture of the onion rings matched up nicely with the toasted bun, crisp lettuce and juicy meat patty.  The oozing cheddar cheese was the perfect final touch to this burger and I’m a fan!  

With a drink the whole meal was about $15 so it’s not a cheap lunch but I’d go back to ParkStone for the exact same meal any time.  The atmosphere was unique, smelled wonderful and did I tell you about the cornbread because it was amazing (and I want more right now).

ParkStone Wood Kitchen
905 W. West Promontory
Farmington, UT 84025