No Name Saloon Park City Review

There is a restaurant in Park City, Utah called No Name Saloon and it has a burger menu that needs to be experienced. It’s a great atmosphere with lots going on and you have to be 21+ to enter. That’s the first thing to know. The next thing to know is that a Buffalo Burger is special and No Name Saloon knows it.

The menu includes a few good burger options with the Saloon Burger (1/2 pound monster with grilled onions, cheese, tomatoes and shredded lettuce and mayo) and a No Name Burger with their special chipotle aiole sauce. I went with a BBQ Bacon Cheesburger with grilled onions, cheese, crispy bacon, shredded lettuce and house bbq sauce. The fresh grilled potato bun adds a nice layer of goodness to each bite and although messy, it was worth it and is highly recommended. Prices range from $17-$20 for a burger.

The fries were good but nothing super special. There’s no fry sauce either. The ketchup works but it feels like No Name Saloon should have a really unique and really delicious fry sauce, doesn’t it?

Where is No Name Saloon in Park City?

No Name Saloon
447 Main Street
Park City, Utah

Park City No Name Saloon Menu

no name saloon menu