Culver’s Butterburger Review

Culver’s Utah Butterburger
Culver’s Utah Butterburger Review

Culver’s is now a Utah burger option which is always exciting to announce.  Culver’s opened up in Midvale near Winco a few weeks ago and is already rolling.  With it’s trademark blue and white signage and a full parking lot, I was excited to see that Culver’s is being welcomed with open arms. Now for the Culver’s review.

Famous for what they Butterburgers, the Culver’s Deluxe Butterburger was the recommended first Culver’s experience (special thanks to the friendly staff for pointing me in the right direction).  I went with the double to really get the burger flavor going and I’m glad I did.  The burger can be best described as yummy.  The bun is buttered (insert clever sentence about them being called Butterburgers here) and comes across as a very delicious bun.  I’d call it a really high quality Wendy’s style of burger.  It’s the type of burger you think you are going to get at Wendy’s but never do.  The speed, the freshness and the pickle on top were all nice additions to the experience but I’m ok with the pickle inside of the burger.  I’m even happy to report that the Utah Culver’s has fry sauce.

As for the french fries at Culver’s.  Why on earth are you serving crinkle cut fries like I remember from the 80s french fry commercials.  Other than the weak french fries, the Culver’s butterburgers were absolutely delicious.  Kid’s meals even come with free ice cream or custard which is what they are also famous for.  Culver’s butterburgers and custard are worth trying and hopefully more will pop up around the state of Utah.  Overall review is that Culver’s hit the spot and you’ll enjoy your burger.

Culver’s Utah
7165 S Bingham Junction Blvd
Midvale, UT 84047
(801) 565-9999

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