Burgers & Barley Burger Review

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Burgers & Barley in American Fork, Utah is a newer burger place with a variety of unique burger options with unique names like Good Life, Aloha, Hot Pants, The Outlaw, Johnny and Meat Man. Just from the names alone, you know Burgers & Barley is going to be fun. Here’s a review of Burgers & Barley as well as a few of the burgers. We’ll keep adding to the reviews over time too, don’t you worry!

burgers and barley american fork

First up from Burgers & Barley is the Good Life burger. It’s their signature burger with an incredible blend of caramelized red peppers, onions and mushrooms – all placed incredibly with mozzarella cheese and their secret chipotle sauce. It’s a uniquely delicious flavor and the bun is absolutely wonderful from first bite to last. It’s most similar to another burger we’ve reviewed from Bona Vita because it’s from the same head chef (and owner).

We also tried the Aloha because why not? The pineapple ring was covered in a sweet and sour sauce that oozed from the burger and almost made you wish you had a spoon so nothing was wasted. The teriyaki blend made it a unique, messy, wonderful Aloha burger experience. The crispy onions and bacon also gave a good texture matched with the delicious bun to try and hold it all together. I’m a fan of any Hawaiian burger (I also like pineapple on pizza, for full disclosure).

Aloha burger at Burgers and Barley

The Burgers & Barley fries are absolutely perfect. Somehow they aren’t too thick or too thin but uniquely cut and fluffy to give you a very good french fry experience without ever eating a regular french fry. It’s special, it works and you can even get them as Spudilicious frieds (with all the toppings) if you’re feeling bold. Get yourself some of their uniquely original fry sauce too. That’s right, everything at Burgers & Barley is unique and it’s a great burger adventure.

Next up – the rest of the menu:)

Burgers & Barley
529 South 500 East
American Fork UT 84004