Little Acorn’s Shadow Fighter in Spanish Fork

Little Acorn’s Shadow Fighter
Little Acorn’s Shadow Fighter is worth the Trip

Little Acorn is a fun little burger joint in Spanish Fork right before Spanish Fork Canyon (sharing a parking lot with the last little gas station before you’re in the canyon).  It’s a unique place with the vibes or an old diner meets and old chinese food place meets the last restaurant you could pick. Their special “Shadow Fighter” burger is where the real magic happens. So here’s our Shadow Fighter burger review from Little Acorn in Spanish Fork.

The bread was a nice change from the typical burger bun and although there was nothing special about the burger or condiments, the overall meal was quite nice.  The fries at Little Acorn are most easily compared to a crispy Wendy’s fry with a bump up in crispiness, freshness and quality.  The fry sauce compliments the fries very nicely and although the restaurant is bit older without much personality, it’s clean, the staff is always nice and the food is always fresh. Plan to spend about $8-$12 for a meal.

Before I forget, one of my favorite things about Little Acorn is you can tell they are trying hard and the food is very consistent. The fry sauce is a lighter color and heavier on the mayo but is very good. Here’s our Little Acorn Deluxe Combo review if you’re wanting to learn more.

Little Acorn is one of those places that you’ll think about again and any time you do a trip up Spanish Fork Canyon you’ll probably start to make Little Acorn in Spanish Fork a tradition.

Where is Little Acorn in Spanish Fork?

Little Acorn
2600 E Canyon Rd
Spanish Fork, UT 84660