Willie Sue’s Ultimate Burger

williesues burger meal

Willie Sue’s is a delicious restaurant in Sumter, South Carolina with a great atmosphere, great service and a special burger called the Ultimate Burger. It’s pretty much their cheeseburger on steroids and it was delicious. Willie Sue’s is unique for their wood fire grill and variety of bourbons and the food variety is there too. You can enjoy anything from burgers to meatloaf and chicken parmesan to nachos and even some gator tail options. Here’s our review of the Willie Sue’s Ultimate Burger.

Imagine a delicious ground piece of burger, cooked to medium on a deliciously toasted bun with the following: lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, crispy onions, fried egg, mushroom and bacon. The bacon I’m talking about here is thick, crispy and absolutely delicious. Cooked to give the burger that wonderful texture celebration and also to highlight the fried egg which was cooked to perfection as well. Slightly drippy but not overdone, it was magical.

The Willie Sue’s Ultimate Burger is $14.25 so not the cheapest thing in the world but their fries were good, the bun held up and worked very well with the beef and even with all the extra toppings including a fried egg, it all held together very nicely. Some of the other toppings you could consider adding to your burger include jalapenos, chili, bleu cheese and sauteed onions. I was full, I was happy, and I can easily recommend swinging by Willie Sue’s for a delicious lunch or dinner.

Willie Sue’s Food and Spirits
3355 Patriot Parkway
Sumter, SC 29150