Dino’s Gourmet Maui Big Blue Burger

Rated as one of the top 10 burgers in America by Time, Dino’s Gourmet is a food truck on the island of Maui (across from Costco). They offer a variety of food options with the Maui Big Blue Cheese Burger being top on my list. It comes with hand cut garlic fries and is cooked to order (of course). Here’s the Dino’s Gourmet food truck Maui Big Blue Burger review.

The burger itself is cooked medium and made of delicious Maui grass fed beef. It’s juicy, flavorful and thick. The toppings include some delicious greens and a mild blue cheese mixture that feels like a gift from blue cheese heaven. Now I’m not usually a fan of blue cheese, and Dino’s offers you a feta cheese option but the Big Blue is what wins so the Big Blue is what I ate. The bun is a little thicker than a traditional burger bun but holds up really well with the toppings and juicy burger. Another win for the Maui Big Blue burger is the fact that it holds together beautifully. First bite to last bite I had all the ingredients in each bite.

The fries are amazing. Light, fresh and crunchy with a nice aioli sauce to add a little something. I loved the fries fresh, in the middle of my meal and loved eating them after they were cold. Seriously, they are delicious!

The overall experience is great. The chef is personal, busy but obviously passionate about what he does. The price is $13 with fries and worth every penny. He keeps you updated on the progress of your burger and you don’t pay until you pick up your food so it’s a really good experience overall. The burger itself was delicious and among the better burgers I’ve had. The bun is a little dry but the meat, the blue cheese medley and the fries make this meal pretty darn delicious. I see why some places would call it a top 10 and recommend it.