Little Acorn Deluxe Burger Combo

Little Acorn Deluxe Burger Combo is Pleasant Grove’s secret
Little Acorn Deluxe Burger Combo is Pleasant Grove’s secret

With their delicious homemade bread, Little Acorn is a personal favorite of mine.  It’s not a traditional burger place and even their Deluxe Burger Combo isn’t like anyone elses.  Served on top of your french fries the Deluxe Burger (please request the homemade bread whenever you order from Little Acorn) is good.  Little Acorn isn’t known for the quantity of meat or even the quality of the meat, they are known for the delicious bread that it comes in.  I’ve also really grown to appreciate the quiet atmosphere and made to order style of Little Acorn in Spanish Fork.

This Deluxe Burger Combo wasn’t the best Deluxe burger I’ve ever had but as you can tell and as you have read in my previous Little Acorn posts, I love the bread and the fries aren’t bad either.  Just to be sure, I didn’t request the homemade bread for this review as the standard is their burger bun, I regret that decision.  The toppings were fresh and the meat was thin but hot.  Overall it was a little drier than I typically like for my burgers but I’d venture to say most people appreciate less grease.  It’s worth a trip to Little Acorn but my favorite is still their Shadow Fighter Combo.


Little Acorn
2600 E Canyon Rd, Spanish Fork, UT 84660