Deep-Fried Twinkies Burger

Deep-Fried Twinkies Burger

We all have goals of getting better at something, whether it’s pushing the limits of running, climbing, racing or sports, we all want to be better. In the world of burgers, it’s the same thing. Sometimes adding mushrooms or cheese or bacon or fried eggs just isn’t enough to take a burger to the next level. In some instances only Twinkies will do, or in this case deep-fried Twinkies. Introducing a gem of a burger from the folks at PYT in Philadelphia, known affectionately as the Deep-Fried Twinkies Burger.

Fox News shared the story about this new Limited Time burger here and the pictures may inspire you to create your own Twinkies burger at home (or not). The Deep-Fried Twinkies Burger is a beef and pork belly patty topped with crispy bacon and American cheese between two deep-fried Twinkies. Priced at $12 it’s worth the experience for sure and we’d love to hear from anyone that’s actually tasted it at PYT. One of the questions asked of management at PYT is how many calories are in a Deep-Fried Twinkies burger. The answer is impressive, “At PYT, we don’t want to have those conversations (about calories). This is an escape”.

PYT, We at BurgerVoice salute you!

The Piazza (1050 N. Hancock St #67)
Philadelphia PA 19123

A special thanks to ShareTown for sharing this with me and yes, it’s on my list of burgers to try now (I have yet to actually partake of this beautiful burger).