Impossible Whopper Review

It’s time for the Impossible Whopper Review

Well it’s time to talk about the Impossible Whopper from Burger King. To kick things off, it’s important to note that if you are a Whopper fan you’ll probably like the Impossible Whopper. It’s close enough to a Whopper that it’s just fun to say you’ve a plant based meat alternative.

If you aren’t a fan of the Whopper than using Impossible Meat won’t suddenly make the Whopper delicious. In fact, I’d still recommend you get a regular Whopper (because they are pretty darn good). Here’s the Impossible Whopper review:

The Impossible Whopper has a distinct wrapper to remind you that you are trying something new. Once you open the package you’ll see a pretty reliable looking Whopper. Mine was no exception, it looked like a Whopper.

The first bite was ok. I noticed a difference immediately because the Impossible Meat was very dry (over-cooked) which I think could be a real problem because I bet the beef is more forgiving than the Impossible meat patty. Either that or they just need to add more sauce to let the patty embrace the Whopper’s other important traits and toppings.

Overall the Impossible Whopper was pretty dry and just lacked meat taste. Granted, this could be unique to my specific Burger King but somehow the Whopper with meat can be mass produced. Half way through I decided that I don’t need to try another Impossible Whopper. There was nothing wrong with the original and the original was certainly juicier.

Overall review is this, if you love Whoppers than stick with meat. If you like Whoppers or think they are fine than try an Impossible Whopper to see if that changes you to a Whopper lover. If you don’t like Whoppers than there is nothing that will change your mind with Impossible Meat.