Burgers & Barley Burger Review

Burgers & Barley in American Fork, Utah is a newer burger place with a variety of unique burger options with unique names like Good Life, Aloha, Hot Pants, The Outlaw, Johnny and Meat Man. Just from the names alone, you know Burgers & Barley is going to be fun. Here’s a review of Burgers & Barley as well as a few of the burgers. We’ll keep adding to the reviews over time too, don’t you worry! Continue Reading

Union Kitchen & Tap Union Burger

Union Kitchen & Tap is right in the heart of some of California’s best surf spots in Encinitas. With plenty of open seating indoors and outdoors, it’s a great place for a big or small group to eat and enjoy cocktails, local brews and most importantly – a delicious burger. The service is fantastic and the entire Union Kitchen experience is loaded with unique personality too. Here’s our review of the Union Burger from Encinitas, California. (Here’s the Union full menu) Continue Reading

Willie Sue’s Ultimate Burger

Willie Sue’s is a delicious restaurant in Sumter, South Carolina with a great atmosphere, great service and a special burger called the Ultimate Burger. It’s pretty much their cheeseburger on steroids and it was delicious. Willie Sue’s is unique for their wood fire grill and variety of bourbons and the food variety is there too. You can enjoy anything from burgers to meatloaf and chicken parmesan to nachos and even some gator tail options. Here’s our review of the Willie Sue’s Ultimate Burger. Continue Reading

Kitchen 88 Thatcher Burger

Are you ready for a deliciously unique burger that is good both in restaurant and to-go? Well then get yourself a Kitchen 88 Thatcher Burger and enjoy. It was delicious at home (driving about 10 minutes from pickup to home) and it was delicious eating it in the American Fork location. Seriously doesn’t matter what you do, the Kitchen 88 Thatcher Burger is delicious! Continue Reading

Just Burgers in Harmons Grocery Store

The City Creek Harmons is already pretty cool but the Just Burgers located inside of Harmons has taken things to a new level. If you go into the City Creek Harmons then proceed to the 2nd floor, you’ll see a corner spot called Just Burgers and lots of happy people smiling and eating around it. Those happy people know something you don’t, Just Burgers is INCREDIBLE! Continue Reading

Bob’s Big Bear Burger Review

Black Bear Diner has a real gem in the Bob’s Big Bear Burger

I love breakfast and I’m a big fan of Black Bear Diner. If you see one, you should experience it. The pancakes are incredible! Now let’s pretend you are in the mood for a burger, should you still head over to Black Bear Diner? The answer is YES! Continue Reading

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