Just Burgers in Harmons Grocery Store

The City Creek Harmons is already pretty cool but the Just Burgers located inside of Harmons has taken things to a new level. If you go into the City Creek Harmons then proceed to the 2nd floor, you’ll see a corner spot called Just Burgers and lots of happy people smiling and eating around it. Those happy people know something you don’t, Just Burgers is INCREDIBLE! Continue Reading

Bob’s Big Bear Burger Review

Black Bear Diner has a real gem in the Bob’s Big Bear Burger

I love breakfast and I’m a big fan of Black Bear Diner. If you see one, you should experience it. The pancakes are incredible! Now let’s pretend you are in the mood for a burger, should you still head over to Black Bear Diner? The answer is YES! Continue Reading

Impossible Whopper Review

It’s time for the Impossible Whopper Review

Well it’s time to talk about the Impossible Whopper from Burger King. To kick things off, it’s important to note that if you are a Whopper fan you’ll probably like the Impossible Whopper. It’s close enough to a Whopper that it’s just fun to say you’ve a plant based meat alternative. Continue Reading

Strap Tank Brewery Bacon Cheeseburger

Strap Tank Brewery’s Bacon Cheeseburger

Strap Tank has expanded to a new location in Lehi and it has come with a lot of excitement. Located near Adobe’s offices, Strap Tank is a place you can spot from around the area and the most common question is “What is that building?”. Continue Reading

Cool Cat Cafe Maui Burger

If you like good burgers then Cool Cat Cafe on Maui is a must. Voted the Best Burger on Maui for 10+ years, the menu includes burgers like the Big Bopper, Bogy Burger, Bonanza, La Bamba Burger, Sh-Boom and The Duke. And the great names are just the beginning. All I’d heard is that Cool Cat Cafe burgers are incredible so I went with The Duke and here’s my review. Continue Reading

The Wing Ding Burger

Time to head out to Eagle Mountain, Utah to try a specialty burger called the Wing Ding at Six Sisters Deli & Grille. You’re probably asking yourself if you read that right. Yes you did! Eagle Mountain and the Wing Ding. It’s a burger and saucy chicken strip loving each other between a toasted and lightly buttered bun with cheese, lettuce and tomato making your taste buds jump for joy. Continue Reading

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