Lamplight Restaurant’s Half Pound Angus Burger Review

Lamplight Restaurant’s Half Pound Angus Burger
Lamplight Restaurant’s Half Pound Angus Burger Review

I happened to be in Southern Utah this week and while in Blanding, Utah heard about a must experience burger offered at a Monticello Utah Restaurant called Lamplight Restaurant.  In fact, it was so recommended that we took the long way to Monticello in order to hit the 4:00pm opening of this Southern Utah gem.

Owned and operated by the Chef you meet when you walk in, Lamplight is a wonderful experience for anyone in the area and food is fantastic.  The half pound Black Angus burger was served on a soft and nicely toasted bread with fresh tomato, lettuce, sliced onions, cheese and the meat was juicy and delicious.  Anything more than the half pounder would have been too much and for about $10 the entire meal was wonderful.

As for the french fries (which are just as important to me as the burger), they are of the “skins included” category and end up with the natural taste that comes from quality fries.  They don’t have anything extra added to them and are served fresh so eat up.  Something that is very unique to this Monticello Utah Restaurant is the gravy that is regularly requested by customers for fry dipping.  It’s a nice and creamy gravy which was perfected by Lamplight over 2 years ago and made fresh.

I am a huge fan of fry sauce and although Lamplight didn’t have any fry sauce, this gravy was wonderful and added a nice twist to my french fry loving self.  Overall the burger is a top choice and the fries are an excellent example of home made goodness.  If you are in the area, get over to Lamplight and try their Half Pound goodness!