Grand Bull Sandwich

Grand Bull Sandwich
Grand Bull Sandwich

That’s right, Grand Bull. Jacob Lake Inn is a fun little restaurant, hotel and bakery located near the north rim of the Grand Canyon. It’s really one of those side of the road places that turned into something because nothing else was around. The restaurant and bakery are where people from all over come to experience deliciously expensive cookies and ice cream shakes but also for a nice sit down food experience when there aren’t too many options in the area. After finishing another Rim to Rim to Rim hiking experience in the Grand Canyon I know that the Grand Bull was the burger for me.

Ask the staff what they think of the Grand Bull Sandwich and they’ll quickly say it’s been rated as the best burger west of the Mississippi. The details stop there but that’s a grand claim indeed. Ordering the Grand Bull makes you feel special. Bull meat tends to be leaner and possibly a little tougher but still good. The Grand Bull is a bull steak burger with grilled onions, cheese, mild green chilies, tomatoes (that fit in very nicely) and bacon placed between to big slices of toasted homemade bread. It comes with fries and some delicious fry sauce. It looks intense and even with the grandiose claims of being the best burger west of the Mississippi, it was fantastic.

The surprisingly perfect mesh of messy melted cheese, tomatoes, grilled onions and the green chilies helped make the bread and bull come together in a way that made every bite consistent and wonderfully flavorful. The Grand Bull was also huge. The fries were respectable and the fry sauce was pretty darn good too. Overall the Grand Bull near the Grand Canyon was a perfect ending to my Grand Canyon experience and is one that I highly recommend for the originality and goodness.

Jacob Lake Inn
Highway 89A & AZ-67
Jacob Lake, AZ 86022

(928) 643-7232