Station 22 Honest Abe Burger

Station 22 Honest Abe Burger
Station 22 Honest Abe Burger

Ready for a Provo burger experience?  Station 22 is located at 22 W. Center Street in the heart of Provo, loaded with personality and a menu full of new takes on American favorites.  The atmosphere is welcoming and comfortable with a hint of hip and cool.  Although they don’t call themselves a burger joint, the atmosphere is perfect for devouring a delicious burger.  One important detail is that their burgers aren’t just regular beef burgers, Station 22 is a beefalo burger establishment with fresh beefalo meat from Utah’s own beefalo ranch.   Today’s burger was the Honest Abe with added bacon and beer battered fries.

The Honest Abe was served relatively quickly in an appropriate tin of newspaper-type tissue paper and burger goodness.  The beer-battered fries, in a tin of their own looked simply perfect and I’m happy to report that they tasted just as good.  The fry sauce is heavy on the bbq sauce taste which I’m not the biggest fan of but it wasn’t a bad fry sauce by any means.  The Honest Abe was fantastic.  The beefalo, cooked medium to keep the flavor and juices, was delicious and the cheese melted beautifully over and around the crispy bacon.  The bun was as near to perfection as I’ve had in a while and there was no need for any sauces.  The Honest Abe absolutely delicious in every way.

A few notes if you decide to go try an Honest Abe for yourself.  They don’t have fountain drinks, just bottled beverages and water, which you get yourself.  I’m a fan of soda with my burgers but the Station 22 set up works well for them and is worth a burger adventure any time.

Station 22
22 West Center Street
Provo, UT 84601