Burger Supreme’s Double Bacon Cheese Burger

Burger Supreme’s Double Bacon Cheese Burger
Burger Supreme’s Double Bacon Cheese Burger

Burger Supreme has long sat perched on the corner of one of the wackiest intersections in Provo, emitting its tantalizing odors to all passersby.  Back in the day, this burger joint was a popular feeding trough for any and all BYU students.  Last week, Burger Voice decided to put it to the test to see if this old school perch could hold its own against some of the new and trendy burger barns.  Nostalgia aside, this is a burger that starts strong, but ends heavy.

I went with the Double Bacon Cheese, which I’ve heard endearingly referred to as ‘Heart Attack in a Sack.”  The point of this burger is not only to have a double patty and double cheese, but also to have double bacon.  You can then imagine I was somewhat disappointed to get my burger with only the single serving of bacon on a double cheese.  Despite the slip-up, the burger was delivered in a timely manner with my rings and drink.

The burger had all the right pieces in place initially.  The bun was solid and held up against the mass of meat and cheese.  The patties were too thin for me, but then again, that’s why I went with the double.  I knew that going in.  Burger Supreme uses a shredded lettuce that is a solid addition due to the fact that it works well with the fry sauce they put on the burger, allowing the sauce to permeate the vegetable layer from the bun.  The tomato is a disappointment.  It is a paper thin offering that is often not even ripe.  Definitely an area for improvement.  Overall, a solid burger, but as the meal progressed I found things sitting heavier and heavier in my stomach.

At the end of the day, I enjoyed my visit to Burger Supreme and came away full and happy.  It was a solid old school burger.  However, I believe there is still room to improve, specifically in the area of burger ‘extras,’ including their vegetables and sauce.  Definitely worth the experience, but don’t over do it or you’re going to feel it.

Burger:   B+ (Solid burger, lacking any flair)
Service:  B+ (missed my double bacon order)
How I Felt at 3:00pm :  C- (ooof)
Overall Score:  B