Why I Love Chubby’s Burgers

Chubby’s Burgers
Why I Love Chubby’s Burgers

Chubby’s is quickly becoming my favorite burger place.  I’ve got my frequent diner club card that I’ll occasionally remember to bring with me, I’ve got my usual sitting spot (by the windows) and I’m pretty sure I need 4.5 small cups of fry sauce to last through my meal.  But the real reason I love Chubby’s burgers is because it’s the right combination of hole-in-the-wall, quality and delicious.  Just the thought of Chubby’s makes my mouth water for their beer battered fries.  Let me share with you my favorites from Chubby’s (in Pleasant Grove, Utah on State Street – by Macey’s).

The Utah Burger is my new favorite on the Chubby’s menu.  I typically add a fried egg for .99 and bacon if I’m in the mood.  The Utah Burger is a typical burger with your choice of cheeses but instead of ketchup and mayo they load you up with fry sauce on the burger.  I accidentally got some pepper-jack cheese a few trips ago

and have been hooked on the pepper-jack/fried egg combination ever since.

Always get the beer battered fries.  I don’t know why they aren’t the official, standard french fry option at Chubby’s but when you are asked if you want regular fries or another side ALWAYS get beer battered.  They are amazing (I’m dreaming of them while writing this post).  They taste like the god of happiness and the god of taste spent magical time together and the result was beer battered fries.  Matched with their standard fry sauce and I feel like I could eat them every day for the rest of my life and I’d be a better man because of it.

Chubby’s, thank you for making the world a better place, one meal at a time. I love you.