Woody’s Pastrami Burger at Woody’s Drive-In

Woody's Burger with Pastrami

Woody's Burger with PastramiIt’s time to visit the Salt Lake City area and feast on the burger goodness. Today’s destination was the one and only Woody’s Drive-In near Cottonwood High School in Salt Lake City. Woody’s has been here since 1989 and you know it’s a special place when you talk to Mr. Woody’s himself about the food, the history and why he started a burger drive-in. The best part was that the food was pretty darn good too.

Woody's Drive-In GoodnessWoody’s cuts their own delicious fries, makes their own fry sauce and offers fried zucchini, fried pickles and screams 50s drive-in service. I decided to try their popular Woody’s Burger with pastrami and was a very happy eater. The bun is fresh, chewy and fits the burger and pastrami nicely. The shredded lettuce, large pickle slices and fresh tomatoes made for a great burger and the beef patty made magical things happen when it hooked up with the pastrami on my burger. The fries at Woody’s are what will bring me back though. Absolutely delicious fresh cut french fries with their sweet, tangy fry sauce still have my mouth watering. They even offer the hidden gem of beverages known as Iron Port. Made fresh, fun old-town feel and definitely worth a trip. Seating indoors and out, drive up service and family owned and operated since 1989 in addition to delicious fries and a good tasting burger makes Woody’s a place to try.

Inside Woody's Drive-In Salt Lake CityI also mentioned the fried zucchini and fried pickles earlier. Let’s talk about how good those were. The batter is phenomenal so I’m assuming you could make almost anything tasty with some a deep fry but the pickles and zucchini were delicious and combined with either their fry sauce or their white ranch/tartar sauce it’s a fried food lovers heaven. Another highlight about Woody’s is their prices. Everything is priced super cheap and hasn’t changed in years. Burgers for $1.29, cheeseburgers for $1.49, sides, ice cream and Iron Port. Go try Woody’s today! I’m glad I did.

Woody’s Drive-In

1300 E. 6172 S.
Salt Lake City, UT 84121

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