Winger’s Winger Burger

Winger's Winger Burger

Winger's Winger BurgerWinger’s, that same Winger’s we all know as a place for chicken wings and sticky fingers, has a new menu and more importantly a new and improved burger menu. Today was Winger Burger day and as a fan of the sticky fingers and the official Winger’s Amazing Sauce I was hoping for a good burger with some of that magic on it. Bingo! Their new signature Roadhouse burger with Amazing Sauce a.k.a the Winger Burger is born. Time for the details.

So what is a Winger Burger? It’s a half-pound all-beef patty, hand-pressed to burger size and grilled with Amazing Sauce and finished with some mighty Earl Burger Butter. Then some delicious cheese is melted on top and the newly prepared patty is gently placed in a freshly buttered bakery bun with it’s own Amazing Sauce spread, lettuce, onions, tomato, pickle with a giant pickle on top. Winger's Winger Burger Meal with FriesWhy a pickle? Why not a pickle! The final Winger Burger is served with steak fries which are fat and decent. In all honesty, fries should be on the list of things to improve to make this meal standout but one thing at a time. The Winger Burger itself was juicy, messy, delicious and I did lick my fingers afterwards, but who wouldn’t when there’s Amazing Sauce on them.

Inside Winger'sOur server was fantastic, my drink was always full, the food was fresh and burger was quite nice. In fact, I’m happy to report that if you find yourself at Winger’s you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that you’ll be quite happy ordering a burger. As I said earlier, the fries are fine but you won’t find yourself craving them later. As a side note, the Winger’s menu had a whole page dedicated to explaining how their beef is additive free, hormone free and filler free. Credit to Winger’s for focusing on quality beef and sharing that with us.

As for the line I read over and over from Mr. Eric Winger (big wig at Winger’s) which is: “I challenged Chef to create the Best Burger in the World, and he did!”, they came close but I can list a whole bunch of better best burgers in the world:)

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