The Whopper for a Penny Promo

Whopper for a penny

Whopper for a PennySo you’ve heard about the Burger King Whopper for a Penny promo and probably want to know if it’s real or not. I’m here to tell you that the Burger King Whopper for a penny promo is real and here’s how it works. First off, go to McDonald’s (within 600 ft. of any location) and open up the Burger King app on your mobile device. From there you’ll see the top Whopper coupon to be Order a  Whopper for Penny, Unlock by going near a Mcdonald’s. You’ll have to enable location information in the Burger King app but it’s worth it.

The next step of the Burger King Whopper promo is to use the coupon within 1 hour. You can order a Whopper right from the app and charge your credit card for a penny. I’m a fan of the mighty Whopper burger and I’m a fan of spending a penny so it’s a match made in Burger heaven. Enjoy.


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