White Castle Sliders, Cheeseburgers and Fries

White Castle Burgers

White Castle BurgersI am no longer a White Castle virgin.  That’s right, it happened.  Last night I experienced my first White Castle slider, White Castle cheeseburger, White Castle A1 slider, White Castle bacon cheeseburger and White Castle fries.  In other words, I got my White Castle on.  I immediately had a combination of interesting scenes go through my mind including a little Harold and Kumar mixed with the White Castle Under Cover Boss episode I watched recently, both very different yet intriguing.  With that said, my first White Castle experience was fantastic.

The lady that took my order was fun, quick and commented on the variety of White Castle foods I ordered.  When I told her it was my first time she smiled and welcomed me.  Even the lady that yelled out my order for me to pick it up was pleasant, fun and professional.  I could hear the group of workers busily doing their respective jobs and all seemed to be enjoying themselves.  So far, so good.  Now it was time to eat.

White Castle Mission Complete
Mission Complete!

First off the fries looked like oven baked frozen fries and tasted about the same.  Not that there’s anything wrong with the frozen grocery store fries but I’ll say there’s nothing special about White Castle fries and I don’t see myself craving them any time soon.  The White Castle original slider on the other hand was very fun.  I really had no idea what to expect and at first glance it looked rather plain but when I had my first bite (nearly half of the slider so order a few) and the uniquely steam grilled beef mixed with light onions and vivacious pickle hit my taste buds I was hooked.  Very unique, very interesting and as I sat there for a moment I decided that very good was also coming to mind.

Next was the A1 slider which was missing the pickle but had onion and steam grilled beef.  It was overwhelmingly A1 steaksaucy so I’m glad I’m ok with that, no other flavor was present.  Next was the White Castle cheeseburger.  As good as the original slider but with cheese.  I think it was my favorite.  I finished the whole thing with my White Castle bacon cheeseburger and it was fine, thin sliced “fast-food” bacon which left a hint of bacon goodness on the palate but no bacon thickness, more like a flavor addition to the cheeseburger.  Overall, the onion and steam grilled beef mushy mixed well with the crispy pickles and I’m now an official White Castle fan.  It was also quite fun to see the quantity and which people liked to order their sliders:)  Great price and unique taste.  Thank you White Castle.  If you ever come to Utah I can see myself being a frequent guest.  White Castle experience complete!

White Castle Facts:

Q: Did you know you can order White Castle food online and have it delivered to your door for re-heating pleasure?

A:  Visit WhiteCastle.com of course.

Q: Did you know White Castle has regular Facebook promotions including free food coupons?

A: Like White Castle on Facebook of course.

My White Castle Experience happened here:
1 East Lincoln Highway
Merrillville, IN 46410-5526
(219) 769-8051

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  1. I was raised in East chicago and ate white castles regularly until i moved to Florida in 68. We don”t have any here in Florida. Anyway you can send some in a box maybe packed in dry ice. Just tell me the cost and the money will be on the way. Thanks for listening. 1- 863-655-1496

  2. I grew up in Chicago Loving White Castle hamburgers….Wish we had one down here in Texas…..McKinney, Tx…..They just are not the same frozen…Fresh is the best!!!!!

  3. My dad was a white castle lover. Back in the day… 1950’s one Sunday, after church, he took me to a Castle on Chicago’s South Side. Before we went in, he sat me on a fireplug and spent time telling me to breathe in deeply. Of course we were downwind from the Castle, but it was close. When I smelled the air my mouth started watering. By the time our White Castles were served, I was famished. That day, I ate eight burgers, there were no french fries at that time. That was the day I fell in love with those square little gems. I don’t live in Chicago any longer but my freezer has a fresh box of White Castle Cheesburger’s just waiting. Even at my age, I still need at least one fix a week. Love those little guys.

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