What is a Crown Burger?

Crown Burger's Crown Burger

Crown Burger was first opened in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1978 by brothers Nick and Manuel Katsanevas.  Their specialty is the Crown Burger, a delicious cheeseburger with beef patties and tons of freshly sliced pastrami.  All the fixens with french fries and a Mr. Pibb (I personally wish Dr Pepper was an option but I’ll survive).

What makes the whole Crown Burger experience special is the environment.  You order your food at the large front counter, hear your order over the microphone and then get your order, wrapped in paper and sit down in a European hunting lodge themed restaurant.  This includes a large fireplace, big chairs and the warmth you’d expect from any hunting lodge.

Here’s what my last crown burger looked like and I’ve yet to experience a Crown Burger that wasn’t ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!

Crown Burger's Crown Burger
Crown Burger's Crown Burger

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  1. I like the crown burger but I am not really that sure what makes them special to a lot of people. Sure its a decent burger but of all the burgers that are in Utah I dont know that this would be the one that I would miss the most. (I see this comment on blogs all the time. People that have moved to somewhere else talking about how much they miss the crown/apollo/astro burger.

    I would say the major downside to this burger is price for value. The prices at Crown seem to be a little steep for the burger that you get.

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