Wahlburgers Our Burger Review

Wahlburgers Our Burger review

Wahlburgers Wahlburger ReviewFinally got my chance to experience Wahlburgers and it was a glorious experience. We were at Mall Of America in Minnesota when from the corner of eye I could see a glowing green sign pulling at my tastebud strings. It was the green Wahlburgers logo and I think we all know what happened next. It was time for Our Burger. Here’s how it was:

The experience itself was great. Friendly staff and friendly ordering. They were pretty packed with orders because of a computer glitch but even with the delays everyone was nice. I got the Our Burger which is described as a 1/3 pound burger cooked medium with lettuce, tomato, onion, government cheese, wahl sauce and pickles. Sounds good to me.

Wahlburgers Our Burger reviewThe meat was deliciously perfect. Cooked to medium perfection it was drippy, appropriately pink and wonderful. The pickles, which I’m told are made special by Wahlburgers, were divine (I grabbed some extra slices just because they were that good). The onions weren’t too oniony and added a nice flavor to the burger. The bun was fantastic! The fries were good too but the Wahlburger was the best part by far. Do I recommend a Wahlburger? YES!

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