Wabi Sabi Wagyu Beef Slider Burgers Review

Wagyu Beef Slider Burgers and Mushroom chips from Wabi Sabi
Wagyu Beef Slider Burgers and Mushroom chips from Wabi Sabi

Wabi Sabi is a Japanese sushi place in the shops area of the Daybreak community in South Jordan, Utah and as luck would have it they’ve brought the wonders of Japanese inspired kobe beef and become the first sushi restaurant to offer me a burger (huge round of applause). That’s right, sushi and burgers!  Wabi Sabi is pretty darn cool inside and is filled with Asian ambiance and fancy wall art.  Not where you’d expect to find a delicious burger but boy-o-boy was I in for a surprise.

The Wagyu Beef Sliders, as they are called on the menu, are 2 premium Japanese kobe-style beef sliders with caramelized onion straws served with season root chips.  So what were they really?  These were two of the best burgers I’ve had in a long time.  The bun was phenomenal and with nothing on this burger but the onion straws, it was delicious.  The beef was cooked perfectly and the flavor from the caramelized onion straws and the natural beef flavor mixed nicely with the texture of the bun for a match made in burger heaven.  Now here’s the kicker, they were served with mushroom chips.  Thinly sliced mushroom chips lightly salted and absolutely delicious.  The whole thing costs about $10.

Overall, Wabi Sabi has nailed it with their kobe-beef sliders and the Wagyu Beef Sliders get an official “GO FOR IT” from BurgerVoice!


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  1. I crave Japanese burgers rellay bad quite often, especially ones with aibiki patties blended with pork. But I can totally understand some people not care for it, haha. Definitely a very different experience. Also MOS’ “meat sauce” (which Freshness Burger copied) is a unique Japanese invention.

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