Utah SmashBurger Beehive Burger

Smashburger's Beehive Burger

Smashburger's Beehive BurgerBy popular request and with a bit of excitement myself, the first Smashburger burger review is here.  One thing that I already like about Smashburger is they have a few unique items for each location.  Utah gets the mighty Beehive Burger.  So of course, let’s review the Smashburger Beehive Burger.

The Smashburger is cooked by smashing.  When you see the patty for the first time you can’t help but see it really looks smashed and seared.  The patty was delicious, moist and hit the spot.  The overall burger itself was pretty good too.  Personally, I could have used a little more sauce.  The Beehive burger is a 1/3 or 1/2 pound burger with honey BBQ sauce, applewood smoked bacon with cheddar cheese and haystack onions.  They also have a variety of bun selections but the standard Beehive burger is in the egg bun which is perfect.   Overall, it’s a good burger and has some nice flavor.

The french fries aren’t my favorite.  The Smashfries are a crispy fries that look great but then they add rosemary, olive oil, garlic and other herbs so it’s not really french fries, they are Smashfries….I guess.  I wasn’t a big fan but some of the friends I ate with absolutely loved them.  I guess it’s up for debate.  The fry sauce was mediocre but that’s ok, they aren’t a Utah company.  It’s a touch expensive but overall I’d recommend going to Smashburger at least once and the Beehive burger is easily recommended.

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  1. I didnt really care for Smashburger in general. I have tried both this Beehive and the bacon cheeseburger. I felt like the burger lacked flavor and for some reason the onion straws always seem to rub me the wrong way. The only other time where I saw a gross misuse of onion straws worse than this one was Iggys black and bleu burger (which also happens to be one of the worst burgers I have ever had)

  2. Tried the Smash Burger Mushroom and Swiss today. I asked them to add Tomato, lettuce & onions. Flavor was very good, but is seemed a little flat, the whole burger was about 1.25 inches thick (it be fair, I did only order 1/3 pound) you won’t strain you mouth taking a bit out of this one. I tested the smash fries, think of them as Italian fries and they are not bad. For Mushroom Swiss I’ll still go for Training table.

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