The Umami Burger Manly Burger

Umami Manly Burger

Umami Manly BurgerIt’s a special day folks.  I had my first Umami Burger experience today and loved every minute of it.  I’ve heard a lot about Umami and their lovely burgers, sides and atmosphere so was ecstatic to try it out.  With it also being Movember I felt like the Manly Burger was my best bet for today in addition to some sweet potato fries, skinny fries, fried pickles and a diet coke (served in a nicely chilled bottle).  Let’s discuss the Umami Burger Manly Burger, shall we?

Here’s what makes a Manly Burger at Umami, beer-cheddar cheese, smoked salt-onion strings, bacon lardon and a delicious beef patty cooked medium (I usually go with medium when given the choice).  Umami Burger and FriesThe bun was lightly buttered and toasted with the Umami U branded on top which was a nice visual experience.  The burger itself was cooked to perfection and loaded with flavor with the onion strings adding a nice texture to each bite and the bacon lardon adding some salty, chewy, bacony goodness.  Umami gets at A+ for flavor and it feels like that is their number one objective.  The flavor was no-doubt, evident in every single bite.  As for the overall burger togetherness the bun wasn’t a perfect match.  Yes the toppings worked and the patty was fabulously moist, flavorful and delicious but the bun was almost a little thick texas toasty and didn’t blend with the burger as well as others I’ve tried.  Don’t get me wrong, it was a great burger but I’d compare it most closely to a Smashburger which means if you prefer Smashburger over Five Guys you’ll love every second of Umami.

Umami No SubstitutionsNow to the side dishes.  Holy cow, they were delicious.  The fried pickles were perfect.  The sweet potato fries were delicious.  The skinny fries were delicious.  Beautifully presented, awesome service and a fun atmosphere added to the overall flavorful experience and yes, try the sides!


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