Ultimate Burger Double Decker in Kona, Hawaii

Ultimate Burger Double Decker

Ultimate Burger Double DeckerUltimate Burger in Kona, Hawaii is the type of burger place that motivated me to start this blog.  Personal, quality, unique and delicious all wrapped into a fantastic burger experience on the Big Island of Hawaii.  From the pictures on the wall of where Ultimate Burger gets their ultimate ingredients (all local) to the surf channel on the television to the “Welcome to Ultimate Burger” greeting by every employee, this place is legit.

I’d call it a Smashburger meets, Five Guys meets your favorite local dining experience because the quality is incredible, the formula for success is simple and eating at Ultimate Burger is an experience.  I went with the Double Decker for my first Ultimate Burger experience and the two patties were cooked medium-well and full of flavor.  You can add your choice of toppings (some cost more than others but you do get a few with each burger) and cheese.  I went with applewood smoked bacon and pineapple since that’s become my burger of choice while in Hawaii.  I also added Ultimate Fries which are a nicely flavored assortment of cut-fresh fries and a small beverage.

Ultimate Burger Fries and Ultimate BurgerThe fries came out first and we started right in.  The sauce that comes with the fries is an Ultimate sauce created by Chef Makani, co-owner with husband Jeff.  It was an aioli sauce that complimented the flavored french fries very nicely.  When talking to Jeff he said the fries are served first because they are ready first and part of quality food is serving at the perfect time.  It also gives you something to eat while you are waiting for your burger to be cooked.

The Ultimate Double Decker burger was a site to see.  The bun was doughy and held the burger together nicely (the buns are from a local baker who’s been baking for decades) and the ingredients were great.  I’m not usually an onion lover but these onions were cut paper-thin so they only complimented the burger and never overwhelmed it. The pickles, again local, are cut to 1/8″ slices for the right amount of flavor and crispness with the burger and they were delicious.  What was most fun about my Ultimate Burger experience was that everything about the burger was quality.  I do wish they had the option for a fried egg because I’ve been craving a good fried egg on a burger but it seems to be a lost art:)

Ultimate Burger StoreOverall the Ultimate Burger experience in Kona was exactly what you’d expect, an ultimate burger experience.  The beef was delicious, the burger was pretty darn close to perfect and the fries were the kind you just can’t stop eating.  Prices range from $4 for a basic little burger to $14 for their TKO motherload.  Apparently the lines on the weekend can be pretty long but there’s a reason for it!

Ultimate Burger
74-5450 Makala Blvd # 112
Kailua, HI 96740-2725

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  1. Burgers are always good. However, Your lemonade is advertised as fresh squeezed. It is yellow in color (no lemons give off yellow color) and it tastes like it is made from bottled, reconstituted lemon juice. Please explain. Thanks

  2. Hey I had an Ultimate cheeseburger with a grilled Pineapple slice a couple of days ago, juicey and GOOD Flavor, Fries were great too and I thought the Lemon-Aid was just fine. The price was a bit steep at $15 for the set up.

  3. Omg! I try to eat only local humanely rasied meat and was excited to to find local grass fed Ultimate Burger. You did not disappoint! Great burgers, yummy fried and loved the special sauce. Share recipe pretty please??
    Nice job! Open one in NH please:)

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