The Windows 7 Whopper from Burger King

The Mighty Windows 7 Whopper

The Mighty Windows 7 WhopperThe Japanese must really love Windows 7 because everyone is doing something special…everyone including Burger King.  Why not celebrate the release of the latest Windows product by eating a 7 Patty Whopper.  BusinessWeek is reporting that the seven-patty burger weighs more than 1.4 lbs., is nearly 5 inces tall and contains 2,120 Calories.  (Remember that most daily diet recommendations are for 2,000 calories.)

Apparently they are even being ordered.  The first 30 burgers at each store in Japan sell for $8.45 (777 yen) and then the price jumps to $15.75 (1,450 yen).  Think about that, a $15 burger isn’t that hard to find but a $15 burger with 7 patties, now that’s magic.  I wonder if you even taste the toppings?   If you are in Japan over the next few days, feel free to stop by a Burger King and enjoy enough calories for the entire day…you’ll probably want a Diet drink with it.


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