The Drifter Burger at Shark Bite Cafe in Oregon

Shark Bites Cafe Burger

Shark Bites Cafe BurgerShark Bites Café in Coos Bay, Oregon shares a building with Waxers surf shop which means it’s not only a good place to eat but it’s cool.  Oregon cool means it’s comfortable, welcoming, great service and genuinely local food.  From their Halibut burgers to their slaw tacos, even the locals talk about Shark Bites.  The driftwood décor with burlap sacks on one wall, surf boards on the other and good music playing throughout was immediately welcoming and the food backed up all of my hopes for a great lunch.

Today’s burger adventure was The Drifter burger featuring Oregon Painted Hills premium beef patties, sautéed mushrooms piled high, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, added bacon (for an extra dollar), blue cheese and one of the best Kaiser buns I’ve ever had.  The buns are made at Shark Bites Café and work so perfectly with their burgersthat my mouth is watering as I write this burger review.  The beef patty was a nice combination of beef flavor, tenderness and natural juices with a little bit of flavor that helped to make the whole meal very memorable and delicious.

Shark Bites Cafe Coos Bay The Drifter Burger

Now for the French fry details.  I could have gone for a few more but these fries were nicely salted, double fried and wonderfully crispy.  Ketchup and mustard in squeezy containers, water in glass jars, great atmosphere and friendly service helped to make the Shark Bites Café experience memorable.  Overall the Shark Bites Café menu is full of great food at a reasonable price.  The Drifter was $10 with fries and worth every penny.

Shark Bites Cafe
240 S Broadway
Coos Bay, OR  97420

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