The Destroying Angel Monster Burger at Porter’s Place

Destroying Angel Burger
The Destroying Angel next to the "regular" Buffalo Burger

The real reason for BurgerVoice was to have a reason to eat amazingly monstrous burgers and I was reminded of that today.  Porter’s Place on Lehi, Utah’s Main street has been reviewed before (their buffalo burger lunch special is quite good) but it was time to hit them up for the mother of all burgers, the Destroying Angel.  I had never seen this burger before so built it up quite a bit in my head and was still amazed when it was placed in front of me.  The Destroying Angel is a one pound burger served with all the good stuff plus fries and their famous barbecued beans.   I’ve had one pound burgers before but this one was so nicely spread out across the plate that I almost felt bad picking it up as it was like touching art…but worth it.

Priced at $15 this is a burger you should probably plan ahead for.  The bun was fresh and a nice combination of light, soft and crispy.  It held together throughout the entire eating process and complimented the cheese topped burger in a “match made in heaven” way.  The Destroying Angel ended up being a tremendous burger and I can easily recommend it to anyone.  A few hours later and I still feel like it was a good lunch (perhaps the Destroying part made me a little nervous).

Toppings were fresh, it was cooked evenly throughout and everything from the beef to the toppings to the bun was great.  One of my favorite things at Porter’s Place is still the fact that Iron Port is served on tap in those gigantic mugs and now I’ll add the Destroying Angel to my favorite burger experiences ever list.  Thanks Porter’s Place!

The Destroying Angel being destroyed

4 Comments on The Destroying Angel Monster Burger at Porter’s Place

  1. I hope it’s from the Lehi Bakery down the street (perhaps it would be good with a texas donut as the bun?)

  2. I think I may try this place today. I am always looking for the best burgers in Utah, I think I have found another place to compare opinions with.

  3. Unfortunately stuff came up at work and I was not able to leave when I had planned, I am highly disappointed, and tried to substitute some other burgers instead to fill my craving.

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