The Delta Burger at Leo’s in Delta, UT

The Delta BurgerThis was officially my first time in Delta, Utah and I’m glad I went.  Leo’s came highly recommended and was a great surprise.  Leo’s is located on Delta’s Main Street and was a deliciously happening place to be for a burger lunch.  When in Delta, you need the Delta Burger, or so they say.  The Delta Burger was a wonderful creation which included a beef patty, swiss cheese, mushrooms, ham, lettuce, tomato, onions and a nice saucy goodness from Leo’s.  All of this was served with the burger on top of the fries in a smaller than expected basket BUT I left very satisfied.

One of the main surprises with the Delta Burger was the mushrooms…they were canned.  Whenever I see canned mushrooms I get nervous but these ended up working very well with the rest of the ingredients.  The ham was wonderful and the cheese melted beautifully into the burger and suddenly the canned mushrooms were the perfect match.  The Delta Burger is actually one of my favorite burgers to date and I think the element of surprise allows for it to move up the charts.  The fries were lightly seasoned but I’m not a big fan and their fry sauce was missing something, not enough tang.

Leo’s itself was full of workers, patrons and everyone looked comfortable.  The employees behind the counter were mostly middle aged women who know there way around Leo’s, which adds a bit of personality to the establishment.  My server pointed out the custom floor vent that reads “HOME OF THE DELTA BURGER”.  It’s not every day that you eat a place with custom floor vents.  The Delta Burger is worth stopping for and I’ll put Leo’s down as Millard County’s best burger (subject to change with more Millard County burgers).


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