Thank you Mr. and Mrs. President – Obama’s Love Burgers

good stuff eatery washington dcIt’s no surprise that the press, including Newspapers, Television, Blogs and everything else, love to follow the President and his family and talk about exercise routines, favorite beers, healthcare reform and even his pants but it takes a real Presidential Family to get the NY Times Politics section to talk about burgers.  Mrs. President, Michelle Obama, took the family to the Good Stuff Eatery for some wholesome burger, fries, onion rings and milkshake goodness.  I love a Presidential family that knows how to eat a good meal.

The NY Time Politics section decided it was important enough to the American Public and the World to know that hamburgers are vital part of a happy Obama family that they wrote an entire article with quotes from customers and the top chef at Good Stuff Eatery.  I have to admit that when I’m in the Washington DC area again, I’m eating at Good Stuff Eatery and I’m going to ask for the Obama burger.  God Bless America!


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