Taiwan’s Breakfast Burger – The HanBaoBao

HanBaoBao and Ovaltine with Pearls

HanBaoBao and Ovaltine with PearlsI’ve eaten a lot of burgers for lunch and dinner but not that many to help me start the day.  I was recently in Taiwan’s southern port city of Kaohsiung and I had the opportunity to partake of the mighty Taiwan breakfast burger or the HanBaoBao.  Priced at about $50NT ($1.50) this wonderful breakfast burger was surrounded by a moist bun that nearly melted in my mouth.  In fact, the bun played a huge role in the overall goodness and quality of the breakfast HanBaoBao.  The pork patty was thin but great for breakfast and the toppings included an egg, tomato, thin pickle like slices, a rolled piece of ham, some lettuce and a sweet sauce that I started to crave later in the day (it was either the sauce or that wonderful bun). I added a breakfast drink of Ovaltine with pearls from the drink stand 2 stores down and can happily recommend the whole combination to anyone.

The service at the street side storefront was quick and pure business.  All the workers wore masks and aprons and were cooking up a storm.  The buying process was simple:  Show up, grab what you want, pay and leave (if you were there 3 minutes something was wrong.  Trying to eat them everyday was tough because they were sadly all sold out by 7:30am on some days  but I was able to try the pork and the tofu version and highly recommend either.   Next up, the Triple Cheeseburger at KenTing’s McDonalds.


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  1. What a burger! This should rise to the top and become the national burger of Taiwan.

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