Burger King BK Whopper Jr. Review

The Mighty Whopper Jr.The Whopper is as legendary as John Wayne (the burger version of John Wayne) and I love the commercials for the Whopper Jr.  Now it’s time for the official Whopper Jr. review.  Realizing that I’ve been a Whopper fan since birth (or as soon as I had teeth) I have to say that the easiest statement is that the Whopper Jr. is exactly the same as a Whopper, only smaller.  I was surprised at how much smaller (see picture) but it was just as juicy, wet and charbroiled as the original.  By wet I mean that the Whopper Jr. carries with it a juicy patty, great mayo sauce, shredded lettuce and great tomato that together make it completely edible without a drink.   That’s hard to do with a burger and one of the things I love about a summer Whopper Jr. Continue Reading