Sammy’s Masterpiece at Sammy’s Cafe

Sammy's Cafe MasterpieceSammy’s has been a Provo hotspot for a while with music, fun and pie shakes but they’ve recently added locations in Salt Lake City, Rexburg, Idaho and at the golf course in Cedar Hills. I’ve had some Sammy’s meals in Provo but it was time to experience one of these newer locations to see if the magic can be replicated. As we got closer to the Cedar Hills golf course it was a welcoming sign to see the Sammy’s van out front, we were getting close. The restaurant is beautiful and open with plenty of seating a just enough Sammy’s personality to feel right. Today’s experience was the Sammy’s Masterpiece. Continue Reading

Sammy’s Cafe in Provo Utah – COWabunga Pastrami Burger

Sammy's Cafe COWabunga Pastrami Burger MealSammy’s Cafe is located just off of Center Street in BYU’s Provo Utah at 27N 100W.  Parking in front of Sammy’s during the lunch time hour was surprisingly easy and although the service was mediocre the experience was fantastic.  I always find it funny when the manager on duty is the least personable of the two employees and the least interested in customers.  People aside, Sammy’s is a great atmosphere is perfect with seating around the outside of the cafe and right in front of the counter where they add toppings.  There is also some comfortable outside seating right on the sidewalk. Continue Reading