Station 22 Honest Abe Burger

Station 22 BurgerReady for a Provo burger experience?  Station 22 is located at 22 W. Center Street in the heart of Provo, loaded with personality and a menu full of new takes on American favorites.  The atmosphere is welcoming and comfortable with a hint of hip and cool.  Although they don’t call themselves a burger joint, the atmosphere is perfect for devouring a delicious burger.  One important detail is that their burgers aren’t just regular beef burgers, Station 22 is a beefalo burger establishment with fresh beefalo meat from Utah’s own beefalo ranch.   Today’s burger was the Honest Abe with added bacon and beer battered fries. Continue Reading

Ripple’s Drive-In Double Cheeseburger Provo

Ripple’s Drive-In is certainly a place that everyone in Provo does or should know about.  When you go to a drive-in (or even a drive inn) for a weekday lunch and there are “senior” beings as well as young families gathered around the picnic tables with smiles and satisfaction, you know you’ve found a place that has some history.  Pulling in got me excited but the rest of the Ripple’s experience was surprisingly impersonal. Continue Reading

Malt Shoppe Bacon Supreme Burger in Provo Utah

malt shoppe bacon supreme burgerToday’s burger was from the 50s style diner called the Malt Shoppe in Provo.  It might even be safe to say that the Malt Shoppe hasn’t changed anything about itself in the last few decades but I don’t want to digress to much from the burger I ate.  I ordered the Malt Shoppe’s Bacon Supreme Burger Combo which included a Bacon Supreme Burger, a one patty, cheese, tomato, lettuce, onion, pickles and bacon burger with large fries and a drink.  The picture displayed on the menu and the burger itself were pretty much the same thing so that’s a quick plus in my book.  As for the service, it was very “casual” or “not service oriented”.  Again, perhaps I digress. Continue Reading

Stumpy Burger in Provo isn’t Your Everyday Burger

stumpy burger menuStumpy Burger is located on Center Street in Provo (225 West to be exact) and is like no other burger place around.  For starters there are toy raccoons everywhere (there is a reason) and the outdoor theme makes you wonder what you’ve just stepped in to.  The menu however brings you right back to burger lover heaven.  Here are the main options: The Bandit (1/4 lb. burger), The Stumpy (1/2 lb. burger) or The Double (1 lb. burger).  If that doesn’t scream, this could be good, than I don’t know what does. Continue Reading

Blue Bacon Burger at Provo’s Communal

Communal's Blue Bacon Burger ExperienceCommunal is a new restaurant in the heart of Provo, Utah right next to the Wells Fargo building.  It’s run by the same folks that created Pizzeria 712 in Orem (apparently 712 degrees is the perfect temperature for cooking pizza).  When I found out that Communal has a lunch menu and that one of the items is a burger and fries, I bumped it to the top of the list and just had to check it out.  With expectations soaring, I did it. Continue Reading

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