Chubby’s Pastrami Burger Review

Chubby’s has become a Utah County favorite over the last few months and their Pastrami burger gives Apollo Burger, Crown Burger and Astro Burger a run for their money.  Here’s the main difference – grease.  One of the reasons I can’t eat a Greek Pastrami burger every day is the power of their greasy pastrami and burger goodness.  Chubby’s offers all the deliciousness of pastrami with less grease and when you leave you  feel satisfied, not ready for nap (but a nap would still feel good).  Perhaps it’s the way the pastrami is prepared or that Chubby’s probably doesn’t make their own pastrami but overall it’s a great pastrami burger and when you match it with the now famous Chubby’s beer-battered fries you’ve got yourself one heck of a burger. Continue Reading

Chubby’s Cafe Burger Review

Chubby’s Cafe in Pleasant Grove is new the burger scene but are hitting it with full force.  From the fun and unique atmosphere inside the restaurant to the cafe style location, Chubby’s Cafe has the makings of a great burger joint but looks can be deceiving so it was time to check their burgers out for real. Continue Reading

Little Acorn’s Shadow Fighter is worth the Trip

Little Acorn is a fun little burger joint in Pleasant Grove off of State St. (they have another location in Springville but let’s talk about Pleasant Grove).   I’ve never been there when it’s busy and this trip was the same.  Two other groups, one person taking orders, someone else cooking the food and that’s the experience.  Located in an old chinese food restaurant, Little Acorn has the atmosphere of a chinese restaurant (big fish tank when you walk in with a lucky Buddha by the cash register) but their special “Shadow Fighter” burger is quite nice.  What makes this burger unique is the bread it’s served with.  Here’s how it looks: Continue Reading