Atlantis Burgers Cheeseburger in American Fork, Utah

Atlantis Burgers cheeseburgerGood news for American Fork area burger lovers.  JCWs is not your only choice for a charbroiled burger.  Introducing the now open Atlantis Burgers on the corner of 500 East and State St. in American Fork, Utah.  Atlantis Burgers joins the greek burger restaurant family of pastrami burger makers including, Apollo Burger, Crown Burger, Burger Supreme and Astro Burger but it’s one unique piece is its location.   Northern Utah County has been overlooked by these other chains for some time now so Atlantis Burger stands to gain some loyal fans if all cards are played right. Continue Reading

Chubby’s Pastrami Burger Review

Chubby’s has become a Utah County favorite over the last few months and their Pastrami burger gives Apollo Burger, Crown Burger and Astro Burger a run for their money.  Here’s the main difference – grease.  One of the reasons I can’t eat a Greek Pastrami burger every day is the power of their greasy pastrami and burger goodness.  Chubby’s offers all the deliciousness of pastrami with less grease and when you leave you  feel satisfied, not ready for nap (but a nap would still feel good).  Perhaps it’s the way the pastrami is prepared or that Chubby’s probably doesn’t make their own pastrami but overall it’s a great pastrami burger and when you match it with the now famous Chubby’s beer-battered fries you’ve got yourself one heck of a burger. Continue Reading

Chubby’s Cafe Burger Review

Chubby’s Cafe in Pleasant Grove is new the burger scene but are hitting it with full force.  From the fun and unique atmosphere inside the restaurant to the cafe style location, Chubby’s Cafe has the makings of a great burger joint but looks can be deceiving so it was time to check their burgers out for real. Continue Reading

Sammy’s Cafe in Provo Utah – COWabunga Pastrami Burger

Sammy's Cafe COWabunga Pastrami Burger MealSammy’s Cafe is located just off of Center Street in BYU’s Provo Utah at 27N 100W.  Parking in front of Sammy’s during the lunch time hour was surprisingly easy and although the service was mediocre the experience was fantastic.  I always find it funny when the manager on duty is the least personable of the two employees and the least interested in customers.  People aside, Sammy’s is a great atmosphere is perfect with seating around the outside of the cafe and right in front of the counter where they add toppings.  There is also some comfortable outside seating right on the sidewalk. Continue Reading

Burgers Supreme Pastrami Burger Meal in Provo Utah

Burger Supreme is a Provo burger restaurant with a rich history and continues to be one of the few authentic burger joints in Provo.  Located on University Avenue in Provo, the constant burger smoke pouring out of Burger Supreme nearly allows you to let your nose be your guide in locating it.  Today’s Burger Supreme meal was the Pastrami Burger with Fries and it was everything you might expect. Continue Reading

What is a Crown Burger?

Crown Burger was first opened in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1978 by brothers Nick and Manuel Katsanevas.  Their specialty is the Crown Burger, a delicious cheeseburger with beef patties and tons of freshly sliced pastrami.  All the fixens with french fries and a Mr. Pibb (I personally wish Dr Pepper was an option but I’ll survive). Continue Reading