Parkers Drive-In Double Burger and Fries is Average

Parker’s Drive-In located in on State St. in American Fork has been around since 1953.  Famous for their ice cream and sundaes, Parker’s also offers a Jumbo Cheeseburger or Jumbo Hamburger and thick, fresh french fries that go well with their refined fry sauce.  I went with the Jumbo Burger to make sure I gave my first trip to Parker’s Drive-In a strong effort and it was a huge meal.  I was the only one in the place so everything was fresh and I watched them make everything.  The burger was Average at best and it’s because of the meat.  They skimped on the meat quality so rather than having a juicy, fresh tasting burger it was a dry, low quality burger.  The toppings were fresh, the bun was good but the core of the burger, the meat, was lacking. Continue Reading