Classic McDonalds Commercials

Classic McDonaldsIt’s always fun to take a walk down memory lane and today we’d like to highlight some of great commercial moments offered by McDonalds over the years.  Feel free to share any favorites that we miss but here are some of the most touching, most entertaining and even just some of the oddest McDonalds commercials ever made. From Ronald McDonald and the Fry Guys to the tongue twisting Big Mac song that I still mess up on, good times for sure. Continue Reading

McDonalds McDouble vs. Burger King Buck Double

TMcDouble vs Buck Doubleoday’s journey included two stops at very popular restaurants, Burger King and McDonalds.  Burger King has had a recent initiative to go full-blast against McDonalds including their breakfast sandwich and the $1 Buck Double burger.  The target of the Buck Double is the $1 McDouble which recently replaced the Double Cheeseburger on the Value Menu.  Today I decided to do an official side by side comparison and here are the results. Continue Reading

McDonalds Flying Cow or the McGangBang (Rated M)

The Legendary McGangBang (Rated M)I was introduced to a burger the other day called a Flying Cow.  After some research I was corrected and the official term for the burger I’m reviewing today is the McGangBang (rated M).  What is the McGangBang (M)? It’s a powerfully delicious union of the Double Cheeseburger (or a McDouble) and a Spicy Chicken sandwich.  Not all McDonalds restaurants know what this burger is though.  According to my research it originated at a Daytona Beach McDonalds and has taken off from there.  Whether or not your local McDonalds knows what a McGangBang (M) is, you can make it yourself just as easily. (How to make a McGangBang Video) Continue Reading

Big Carl vs Big Mac – Let the Burger Battles Continue

Big Carl!The Big Carl vs. Big Mac war is, in the words of Kung Fu Panda, PURE AWESOMENESS.  Who doesn’t love a Big Mac?  Who doesn’t love Carls’ Jr?  Now we are getting some real comparison shopping opportunities as Carl’s Jr. offers the world a cheaper, meatier and hopefully better Big Mac.  This all started with the $3.99 Angus Burgers that McDonalds has been marketing.  With an apparent attack on the Carl’s Jr. Six Dollar Burger menu, McDonalds has high hopes for their Angus Burger offerings.  In my McDonalds Angus Burger review, I hopefully made it clear that my opinion of them isn’t high.  POINT: CARLS JR. Continue Reading

McDonalds Deluxe Angus Burger Review

Well, I finally had my first McDonalds Angus Burger and it was the Deluxe Burger Meal.  I had high hopes for this new burger menu at McDonalds but I found myself disappointed and not excited to try the others.  Here’s the deal, I think McDonalds has great intentions but lacks the ability to deliver because of their training, employees and culture.  The burger wasn’t prepared with care and the ingredients, although fresh, were a mixture of great and “classic McDonalds” which made it hard to justify 4xing the price of a McDouble or Double Cheeseburger. Continue Reading

McDonalds Introduces Angus Burgers Nationwide

Well, it’s official, McDonalds is stepping up their meat offering and starting this month it’s Angus Burger time at McDonalds.  I don’t know what to think about this because I know why I go to McDonalds and it’s not for the sit down experience, it’s the understood expectations of low price with consistent taste with quality typically being lower than a sit down place. Continue Reading

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