Lucky 13 Celestial Burger

Do yourself a favor and head over to Lucky 13 in Salt Lake City and grab a Celestial burger. Your day, week and month will all be better because of it. The combination of delicious sauce, world-changing bacon and perfectly gooey bread mixed with smokey fry sauce and a giant mug of Diet Coke (or whatever you want to drink) had me floating as I left. Yes, it’s that good. Continue Reading

The Antelope Burger at Lucky 13

Lucky 13 Antelope BurgerOne of my favorite things about Lucky 13 is the fun they have with burgers. Posted regularly on their Facebook page, Lucky 13 posts special meat and exotic meat burgers. Today’s special was the Antelope burger which, in all honesty, has never been on my list of burgers to try but when the opportunity to eat an Antelope burger presents itself, you do it. So I did and here’s the official Antelope burger review. Continue Reading

Celestial Burger Experience at Lucky 13 in SLC

Lucky 13 is a great little place on 1300 South in Salt Lake City right by the Spring Mobile baseball park.  The parking is limited and the building is low-key but that combination adds to the overall essence that is Lucky 13.  Famous for a few different burgers, this is the type of place you could spend hours in and feel fine doing it.  The lunch crowd and dinner crowd are apparently two very different groups (one being sober) so prepare accordingly but no matter what, you’ll love the burgers. Continue Reading