The Destroying Angel Monster Burger at Porter’s Place

The real reason for BurgerVoice was to have a reason to eat amazingly monstrous burgers and I was reminded of that today.  Porter’s Place on Lehi, Utah’s Main street has been reviewed before (their buffalo burger lunch special is quite good) but it was time to hit them up for the mother of all burgers, the Destroying Angel.  I had never seen this burger before so built it up quite a bit in my head and was still amazed when it was placed in front of me.  The Destroying Angel is a one pound burger served with all the good stuff plus fries and their famous barbecued beans.   I’ve had one pound burgers before but this one was so nicely spread out across the plate that I almost felt bad picking it up as it was like touching art…but worth it. Continue Reading

Porters Place Buffalo Burger in Lehi Utah

Porter’s Place is located in Lehi Utah on historic Main Street.  By historic Main Street I mean, Porter’s Place has been there forever and ever and ever.  In fact, I’d venture to say that you’ll see more out-of-state license plates around Porter’s Place than anywhere else in Lehi.  Porter’s Place has a Buffalo Burger lunch special which costs about $7.00 with a buffalo burger, drink and fries.  So of course, my first trip to Porter’s Place for a burger was for the buffalo burger meal. Continue Reading

Emmett and Ethel’s Old Fashioned Burgers Review – Lehi Utah

Emmett and Ethel’s Old Fashioned Burgers, Shakes and Hot Dogs is a new hamburger restaurant in Lehi, Utah.  Located on Lehi main street I had to make sure to visit this new burger joint.  I was very excited for this new place and have watched them build the building, install the benches, put up signs and then open the doors. Continue Reading