The In-N-Out Burger Location Challenge

In-N-Out Burger has some of the most loyal die-hard fans of any fast-food burger chain.  In fact, it’s a time of celebration whenever a new one opens and as we’ve recently experienced in Utah, a new In-N-Out Burger’s grand opening can lead to people camping out for a chance to be the first to eat.  That loyalty also means that there are probably a few people out there with a goal of eating at EVERY SINGLE In-N-Out Burger in the world (USA).  In case you are that person, or if you know that person, I’d like to share something wonderful with you. Continue Reading

6 Worst Fast-Food Burgers Announced by Men’s Health

wendys-cheeseburger-with-everythingI realize it’s almost Christmas and soon everyone will want to lose weight but does Men’s Health really have to call the following burgers the worst fast-food burgers?  How about the fattest burgers or the most calories for your dollar burgers.  The “worst” part about the entire article is that they are calling out some of the best burgers available.  Here’s a quick recap (and a here’s a link to the full article): Continue Reading

In-N-Out Opens in Orem and Sandy Utah

In-N-Out Opening Day in Orem UtahIn-N-Out has always been adored by Utahns and is a regular stop when passing through Las Vegas. When In-N-Out first hit St. George, Utah it was an exciting time for the entire state (maybe not the entire state but you get the point). By the lines at 8:00am this morning show, the Orem location is already a hit. I’m sure the In-N-Out Gods are smiling the In-N-Out faithful gather outside in the early morning hours of a Thursday for their first bite of In-N-Out burger action, Orem Utah style. Continue Reading

Zagat says In-N-Out is Best Fast Food Burger

Well it’s official.  Zagat has just announced that In-N-Out is the best Fast Food Burger.  Based on a study done with 6100 diners, Zagat has listed the 2009 Fast Food Best Burger as the In-N-Out burger.  With their attention to quality and their limited and calculated restaurant locations and the fact that they have such a loyal and vocal following (with t-shirts, hats and happy customers) I’m sure it was a well deserving fast food restaurant.  The top 5 “Best Fastfood Burgers” were: Continue Reading